5 More Years Of Ruthlessness

labourSo, we have another 5 years of a Tory government in the UK but this time they’re doing it alone.

I’ve said all along since 2011 that Cameron would remain Prime Minister but the people i told didn’t believe a word of it. They all said, “Nah, Labour will win, everyone hates the Tories for what they’re doing to the country!”

And what happened? A virtual total shut out and Labours worst result in decades.

I’m no big fan of the Conservatives but i do like their no nonsense approach and hard line on so many issues like Welfare and job creation. You’ve got to be ruthless in life to achieve anything otherwise you’ll be taken for a ride by so many people who want to sit around and do nothing except cash a giro every month. Certain issues they are too ruthless in my mind but it is what it is, that’s what the party is built on, always has been.

Having said that, i’m an even lesser fan of the Labour party who spent 10 years under smarmy, slimy, war criminal Blair, systematically destroying this country and leaving it in the shocking mess it was 5 years ago. I will never vote Labour again unless they radically change everything they stand for and start to be tougher on those issues that matter most.

Cameron for me is the lesser of two evils, Milliband and Balls couldn’t run a bath never mind a country, so in the Labour heartland of Northern England, get ready for a lot more angst and disappointments as the ruthless Tory machine kicks into gear for 5 more years. 🙂

I’ve been told several times by different people over the last few years that i should go into politics because i’m confident and have a passion for certain issues and lot’s of good ideas.

My answer has always been, “If i could have sole control over implementing my ideas, then yes i would do it but as the bleeding heart liberals and pc brigade are the majority now in this country, then all i would be is a yes man!” And that ain’t never gonna happen!

Obama in America had loads of great ideas when he came to power but virtually everything he wanted to do, he hasn’t been able too because of that very reason. He’s totally lame and impotent as a President and even on my micro level of governance, i couldn’t let that happen.

So the answer is no BUT… i am considering other methods of change??? 😉

Speak soon…