Its Time To Say Goodbye

time-to-say-goodbyeJeez, where did the first 4 months of this year go? Is it me or is there less than 24 hours in a day now? Time seemed to drag when i was at school and yet it flies by now.

Anyway, with May arriving and the lighter summer nights coming thick and fast, it’s time for some summer fun.

My whole approach to life changed when i lost my nana 4 years ago and my motto became ‘Fun At Every Opportunity’ from then on.

And so last year in 2014, this site, was born as a way for me to have a humorous look at my own life and to comment on the ridiculous double standard society we now live in as well as a variety of current topics being discussed around the world. I interspersed the site with articles, videos and pictures on personal development, wealth creation and everything in between and have had a great time reigniting the fire of my lifelong love of writing.

BUT… in recent times things have changed. It seems some of my ramblings have created quite a stir to the extent that it’s costing me personal friendships and relationships.

I clearly state on the welcome page of this site that everything within it are my own thoughts and opinions but they are firmly tongue in cheek and written with a cheeky, humorous smile. Some of my articles and pages are so ridiculous in tone that i find it staggering they can ever be seen as fact.

Unfortunately, the welcome page doesn’t seem to have been read by certain people and they have taken my writings literally as if i was being totally serious.

My humour in life is very dry, witty and sarcastic and those that know and understand me, love me for that very reason as i’m not afraid to say what i think even with a glint in my eye.

However recently, my outside humour and website musings have begun to have an effect on some new people i’ve met and those who i thought were friends. It’s got to the point now, with a heavy heart that i need to change things up a little bit.

These people are obviously from the same school of thought that believed i was ACTUALLY going to live on my own island as written in my April Fools post recently. No matter how many times you tell people or write in an obvious ironic and humorous way, some people REALLY JUST DON’T GET IT!

We live today in an unhappy, angry, outraged society, so every little comment or post is scrutinised to death to try to find words that can be turned against you.

Now, anyone that really knows me, knows that i don’t give a toss what ANYONE thinks of me, never have never will, whether friends, family or mere acquaintances but i think where i am in life in my own mind and my plans for the future, some things do have to change.

One of the main reasons for this long article today is that i have recently gotten to know a couple of lovely girls in my home town who i HAD a great rapport with. Plenty of flirting, teasing and seductive eye contact, as is my way ๐Ÿ˜‰ until suddenly things started to go rapidly downhill.

It’s now got to the point of there being a little bit of an atmosphere and coldness between us, which is a real shame.

Anyway, as i have recently found out, it seems i have been tracked down on Facebook by these girls and they have found this website.

Now, as i said earlier, the site clearly states not to take what i write too seriously as it is firmly written from a fun, sarcastic, comic outraged point of view but alas that was still not enough. They have taken offence at something they’ve read and have become very distant and frosty with me.

Those same girls can’t help themselves however and still give me lots of eye contact when we see each other but the conversation is now very edgy and lacking the spark it once had. Even the humour i use when talking to them isn’t having the same effect it had at it’s peak as they can’t seem to take what i say now in the fun, humorous way they once did.

I find this a real shame and very disappointing. I know that whatever anyone says or does in todays world, there will always be someone who gets offended but REALLY… did it have to come to this?

To a point where words written on a website or said in person that is clearly said from a cheeky, humorous point of view is taken so seriously and affecting any possibilities of a great friendship or relationship in the future.

On a connected side note, i messaged a lovely girl last week who i’ve known for about 4 years and invited her out. We’ve always had a laugh and a hug when we meet and i’ve had a spark of attraction for her since day one. I hadn’t seen her in person since last summer but bumped into her last week while visiting friends. What i immediately noticed though was she seemed quite stand offish and ice cold towards me this time when i spoke to her and she couldn’t keep any form of eye contact or even smile.

I hugged her but instead of the usual joyous face and proper hug, i got the weak, pathetic version instead with her head facing away from me. What the hell has happened in the last 9 months since we last met when she was her usual happy, friendly self towards me and instigating the hugs?ย I asked how she was doing and got short, sharp replies which was very unusual for her. I left it at that and said my goodbyes while leaving with my friend.

As i wasn’t looking for a girlfriend over the last few years i haven’t bothered asking her out in the past. Even though she seemed really aloof with me this time, i decided to message her anyway and ask her out as it’s been a long time since we last spoke properly together.ย Can you guess what happened? Correct, she never replied!

I’ve absolutely no idea what’s changed since last summer as we’ve never actually seen each other since then but whatever it is, it seems to have had a very negative affect on her towards me.

Has the curse of struck again? Who knows but if it has, it’s a shame. I may never know the real reason for her not replying or being the way she was towards me, maybe she wasn’t interested, maybe i’ve offended her with something i’ve written or maybe she’s so loved up with another man that i don’t register on her attraction scale. Whatever the reason, it would’ve been nice to get a ‘no’ from the message instead of the silent treatment because at least i would know for definite where i stand.

Nothing toughens up a man more than a good rejection from a girl. As long as it’s done right and not in a needless nasty way, then i’ll smile, wish her a good day and move on. After all, there’s another 3.5 billion females out there who could be prime candidates. ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t hold grudges against anyone in life especially girls who i’ve previously had a good relationship with whether friend or lover so all of the girls who have taken offence at anything i’ve said or written, it’s just unfortunate as i’m a ย good, fun kinda guy who has a real love of classy, intelligent, beautiful women but it is what it is. Life goes on!

Every man on the planet gets a ‘no’ from a girl many times during their lives but for a girl to not respond or to change a positive opinion of you into a negative because of something they read or heard and took to heart instead of the ironic way it was intended, that is the real travesty in all of this and the missed opportunity of what could’ve been a life changing relationship.

I won’t lie, i never thought for one minute that anything on this site would be construed as deadly serious so these recent episodes have been quite an eye opener for me. I love women wherever they’re from, especially those with class, style, dignity and natural beauty and anyone who really knows me knows that. I can guarantee that every single girl i’ve ever been out with won’t have a bad word to say about me, i hope so anyway (Haha) because i treat them the way they deserved to be treated.

The girls i’ve mentioned in this article are all fantastic girls who i would have loved to have gotten to know better, especially the cutey who i messaged last week. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 4 years we’ve known eachother so it’s quite sad that it seems to have ended like thisย for reasons beyond me but hey, it’s all part of life, you win some you lose some. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, as far as is concerned, this article will be the last one linked from my Facebook account for the foreseeable future. I just think that now, i have to be more aware of the feelings of people i like and am attracted too without being wrongly judged for something they’ve seen online.

My priorities in life have changed as iย have a brand new flat near the beach, am working as a Support Worker helping adults with all forms of brain injuries, i have a few other projects going on in the background and after several years of self imposed singledom exile, i’m getting back out there on the dating scene and seeing what quality females the world has to offer, even in the North East of England where i know some nuggets of gold exist. ๐Ÿ™‚

I just have to give myself the best opportunity to meet the right girl without fear she’ll take offence to something she’s read or heard before actually knowing my kind of humour or the person i am.

Let me be clear though… I will NEVER apologise for anything i write or say unless of course i deliberately set out to hurt someone, which being the man i am, will never do and have never done.

I just think that while is linked to my Facebook account it becomes too easy for anyone i know or meet to find my website and pass outrage and opinions without actually reading between the lines.

Yes, some of my views and opinions are quite strong and are said in a no nonsense, forthright manner but that’s who i am, i’m not one of those passive people who sits back and whines and bitches about anyone and everything then does nothing about it.

I have always been very strong willed but have a super strong inner confidence these days that has made me more fired up than ever before but as i am now, for the first time in years, officially on the look out for the best girl out there, i need to take a step back and not risk any future relationships because of something that has been heard or read the wrong way.

I will be leaving this site online and updating it with ramblings and musings in the future but for now, i will be changing my links to my Facebook account so as not to connect the two. I will however, be leaving my current Facebook post links to in tact as i would feel i would be censoring myself otherwise and i am no fan of censorship in any form.

My sole priority personally going forward, is to get back out there after a long and much needed break and start the quest for a possible future Mrs Brian… WHEREVER SHE IS! ๐Ÿ™‚

So to all those who have followed and enjoyed my writings over the past few years and that includes many women, thank you for your support and don’t worry, i haven’t gone soft and give in to the pc brigade, i’m just making a few changes and concentrating on other projects and websites as well as my own personal development and relationship goals but rest assured, there’s a lot more to come from me in the coming weeks and months including a brand new website and book all ready to be revealed within weeks.

Oh, one last thing… keep checking back to this site as i have some funny stories coming up as well as other interesting items to be revealed over the coming weeks and months. I love expressing my views and opinions on world matters and the ups and downs of my unusual life in my own unique, fun, sarcastic way and will continue to do so but without the added promotion of Facebook, so stay tuned!

So, with aaaaaaall of that being said, thanks again, it’s been a lot of fun and i’ll speak to ya very soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

Brian James Letch

P.S… To finish off, let me leave you with this parting gift opera song that no solely English speaker can understand. It’s just my humour remember, no offence intended! ๐Ÿ˜‰