Live Music

Welcome to my live music page!

Everything you see on this site was filmed, designed and created by me as a memento of some of the most amazing times of my life.

What you see below are some of the most recent and best gigs from around the world that i was at. There are dozens more i’ve attended but any footage taken wasn’t of video quality.

The artists in these videos are a few of my absolute favourite musicians and were filmed in some of the greatest venues on earth.

The songs being played in each video are from the artist in the video.

Please read the instructions below and hopefully you’ll enjoy them every bit as much as i did.

These are truly great musicians who have created life time memories for everyone who attended.

P.S… There are more videos to come over the coming months!

PLEASE NOTE: For each video on this site, Press ‘Play’ then ‘Pause’, Wait 2 minutes for the video to load then Press ‘Play again.’

To go Full Screen on any video, Click the small square in the bottom right corner of the video!


HUNTERS + COLLECTORS – V8 Supercars – ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia – Dec 3rd 2011

For More Extended Hunters + Collectors Concert Footage Click Here

NOISEWORKS – V8 Supercars – ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia – Dec 3rd 2011

JOHN FARNHAM – Adelaide, Australia – Oct 4th-7th 2011 + V8 Supercars – Sydney, Australia – Dec 3rd 2011

For More Extended John Farnham Concert Footage Click Here

COLD CHISEL – Adelaide, Australia – Nov 29th 2011

For More Extended Cold Chisel Concert Footage Click Here

ICEHOUSE – Caloundra Music Festival, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia – Oct 9th 2011 (My Birthday)

PAUL KELLY – The Sugar Club, Dublin, Ireland – Sept 7th – 10th 2011

For More Extended Paul Kelly Concert Footage Click Here

SPLIT ENZ – Christchurch, Wellington + Auckland, New Zealand – March 2008

LIVE – Glasgow And Leeds, UK – 1997-99