Major Influences

No. 1 Eben Pagan – My Biggest Influence!

3 Key Areas Of Life To Be Successful

Oh boy, where do i start with this guy? Eben Pagan was and is the biggest influence on my life of anyone i’ve ever studied. Everything from personal development, business and mindset to dating and being the best man i can be, Mr Pagan has covered it all.

I’ve watched hundreds of hours of his video seminars and read dozens of his articles and books over the last 6 years or so and without doubt, his style of teaching and communicating has resonated more with me than anyone else ever has.

To this day, he is still someone i study and listen too on an almost weekly basis. For me, the absolute best! 🙂

No.2 Napoleon Hill (1883 – 1970)

The Master Key System/Laws Of Success

Napoleon Hill was one of the first people i ever heard about in the field of accumulating wealth. He is credited as being a major influence by almost every single millionaire in America, the UK and beyond because of his 50+ million selling classic book, Think And Grow Rich! I have it, it’s superb!

No. 3 Jim Rohn (1930 – 2009) This Guy Is Amazing!

The ‘WHY’ Behind Personal Development

                                                (Video Fault On Last Minute)

Living An Exceptional Life

Jim Rohn is someone who i discovered only a few years ago through Youtube and other recommendations. This guy helped me a lot with his insight and motivational speeches that i still listen to today. Jim died recently in 2009 but his influence on me and millions of others will live on forever through his audios and online videos.

No. 4 Zan Perrion

Did You Show Up As A Man

I discovered Zan a few years ago through learning personal development but didn’t really pursue what he was saying at that time. I recently came across a few of his newer seminars and watched them right through. This guy is brilliant, he lives the authentic life i am currently pursuing and thinks philosophically a lot like i have started to think in the last year or so.

For any man reading this who wants to live a genuine, no nonsense, authentic life, you won’t go far wrong by listening to what Zan Perrion has to say.

No. 5 Tony Robbins

Why We Do What We Do

Well, what can be said about Tony Robbins? A lot actually, but for me he was, i think, the first person i ever listened to several years ago in the field of personal development. I have virtually every audio product he’s ever released over the last 20 years or so as well as a huge collection of his videos and seminars through Youtube.

Some of his American seminars are way over the top and hyped up for us more reserved Brits but if you ignore all of that nonsense and just listen to the words, this guy talks a hell of a lot of sense. He was a major influence on me starting this journey!

No. 6 Bob Proctor

Beyond The Law Of Attraction

Bob Proctor is another motivational speaker and personal development expert who i have admired for the last few years. He is credited for his business skills in getting people to reach their earnings potential and being as successful as they can possibly be.