My Journey – Pt 13


To paraphrase The Beatles ” They love me yeah, yeah, yeah!”

It seems after my lady lovin dilemmas of recent times the wheel has turned back in my favour. I’m a wanted boy after all. Yippee!

Firstly, i got a phone call and letter today for a new job as a Support Worker from a company in my home town. They have heard how much i’m loved in my current job working with adults with brain injuries and have contacted me to potentially work for them as well. See, i am nice after all. Take note ladies! Haha! 🙂

Secondly, i went to the gym and bumped into a girl i met 6 months ago in there. She works with a personal trainer so it’s tricky for me to work my charismatic magic with her but if i’m only one thing in life, I’M A TRIER! 😉

Anyway, i hadn’t seen her for a few months because our gym times are different so it was a rather pleasant experience. She is truly stunning physically and a great girl to talk too. AND shock horror, she’s BLONDE! Yikes, that’s a first Brian? Indeed it is!

So, the personal trainer says to me “Where have u been, haven’t seen ya for ages, she’s been asking after ya?”

Me (laugh)

Her (blush, kicks trainer boy and tells him to shut up while giving him the female death stare all men are familiar with) Haha!

Me “Oh, i’ve just been playing hard to get” (smile)

Trainer “Yeah, she’s been wondering where you were”

Her (blushes tomato colour, shut up, death stare, silly punches him)

Me (laugh)

I must say, i’ve never dated a blonde in my life but this girl may just be the one to change my ways. I’ve spoken and teased her a few times since we met and she loves it and goes red as soon as i look at her, which is hilarious.

I just need to see her more often but we go to the gym at different times due to work commitments so it’s difficult but we’ll see how it pans out over the coming weeks.

I will always prefer dark hair and dark eyes in a girl, that’s why i messaged the lovely girl last week who i’ve known for 4 years but as she didn’t reply, i can’t wait around. Life keeps moving at a crazy pace and i either stand still and wait or i move forward and meet other great girls out there. I choose the latter! 🙂