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MyJourney2With 2014 under way and the continuation of my journey of change, i want this year to be the start of a really great adventure. A year where i rid myself of the past and move on into the future!

No one can ever or should ever forget their past because it makes you who you are today, but there are definitely times in everyone’s lives where you just have to draw that line and say this is a new beginning.

With the end of another year behind us and the beginning of a new dawn it gives me the opportunity to reflect back over my life, especially the course of the last 20 years or so since leaving my education and seeing how far I’ve actually come.

Everything from the things i’ve achieved, the regrets i have regarding the things i did do and most importantly, the regrets i have from the things i didn’t do but should have done. The great highs of travel to the unbelievable lows of losing those people most important to me. The years of sporting success to the lows of a serious medical condition that ended it and everything in between.THIS IS MY JOURNEY!

Just for reference and to get a brief history of my life thus far, here is my approximate timeline from the day i fell from the sky into a rowing boat! (See Video Below) 😉


School – 5-16 Years Old

Traveller – 15 Years Old – Europe (8 Countries)

Knocked Down On Zebra Crossing By Hit And Run Driver – 17 Years Old

Amateur Snooker Player – 11-25 Years Old

Serious Medical Condition Diagnosis – 21 Years Old

College/University (Psychology) – 22-26 Years Old

Barman – 25-26 Years Old

Professional Snooker Player – 25-27 Years Old

Shop Worker – 29-32 Years Old

Traveller – 1999 France/Belgium/Holland

                  2002 Australia/Singapore/Dubai

                  2003 Malta/Gozo

Qualified As Gym Instructor/Learned Body Massage Therapy

Lived With Nana – 20 Years (Her Last 5 Years As Carer Until 2011)

Traveller – 2008 Madeira/New Zealand/Australia/Thailand

                   2011 New Zealand/Australia/South Korea

Internet Entrepreneur – 32 Years Old —>

Official Personal Development Journey Begins – Sept 2013 —>


The end! My life in 20 lines! 🙂

NOTE: Any girl who wants to date me, read this list first and it’ll cut out several hours of small talk so we can concentrate on the important stuff. 😉

Now, having said everything i’ve said and being completely honest with myself, there are many things i would do differently if i had my time over again but life is about accepting the decisions you make at the time and continuing to move forward regardless.

As a special bonus, here is a brief video of my life created by my good self. Sit back, listen and enjoy this 18 minute whistle stop tour through the highs and lows of my time on earth. 🙂

(You Need Fast Broadband For This High Definition Video To Play Smoothly)


Here are a few words from a great song by Australian legend John Farnham which sums up where i’ve been in my own mind for most of my life. This probably also applies to most people on the planet but for me, it’s very profound.

We all dream and plan about where we want to be in life in years to come, what we want to achieve and which places we want to visit. This is natural human nature, we need to focus on things in our future otherwise the tedious monotony of every day life will overwhelm us.

The problem lies when we do it so much we forget to live in the now. We let opportunities pass us by in work, business and relationships, always thinking that we’ll get better opportunities in the future. In most cases though, the future never comes because we don’t get those chances again and end up stuck in the same place doing the same routines for a lifetime.

I have achieved a lot of the things i’ve dreamed about in the past but i’m starting to look at the future in a completely different light now. Less dreaming and planning and MORE ACTION!

Have a read of these words and see why we ALL need to LIVE FOR NOW!

“Some people are dreamers, they live for the future As if it will work out, just as they dreamed it will work out, somehow Others get caught in yesterdays papers Too busy reading to get on with living their lives I LIVE FOR NOW!”

Great words from a great performer and SO TRUE! Those last 4 words are the words i intend living my life by from now and forever instead of constantly planning, talking, analysing and dreaming where i’ll be in the future. I LIVE FOR NOW!


So the fact that i’ve now accepted everything that has happened in my life up until today, it’s time to leave it behind as best i can, look to new adventures and experiences ahead and to really ask myself some important questions about where i want to be in the future.

  • Where do I see myself in the next 3 years, 5 years, 10 years and beyond?
  • What skills and knowledge will I have acquired to become the best i can be?
  • What amazing adventures and moments will i have experienced?
  • Will i have or will i be, achieving my dreams?
  • Will i be truly happy and living an authentic life?
  • And many more…

Since i was a child in school, i’ve always had a fascination with travel and a very independent outlook on life. I’ve always made my own decisions and been a bit of a loner. I think by playing a solitary cue sport like snooker (amateur/professional) from a very early age, it forced me to think for myself, become analytical and to get used to many hours a day alone in a room or practice arena honing my skills.

For the longest time i can remember, i’ve always had a competitive edge in everything i’ve done, whether sport or any other aspect of my life and a vision to be the best person i can ultimately be.

I’ve never given a toss what anyone thinks of me, whether it’s family, friends or society in general and have very rarely sort advice on any aspect of my life. I am where i am today because of my own decisions and health circumstances and have no one to blame or congratulate but myself. I have had many friends, relationships and acquaintances pass through my life and there are many more to come.

So Why Do This Now?

Well, when I think of the person i’ve been throughout my life, i’ve liked that person. An introverted loner who is opinionated, outspoken, friendly, intelligent, humorous, witty, educated, quirky, unconventional, adventurous, deep thinking, competitive, kind, compassionate, genuine, a good listener (so ive been told many times) and loving with those i care about most.

Every other aspect of my life, i’m a wild, untethered animal. 🙂 I give the best kisses and massages ever (so say my ex girlfriends 😉 ) and i like to prolong great experiences as long and slowly as possible. And i mean… as loooooooooooong and slooooooowly as possible! Well, you’ve got to savour the moment haven’t you?

That person is someone i still am today and want to be for ever more but i also want to add a bit more dimension to my character. I want to be more open to opportunities that come my way, whether it be business, travel or most importantly, relationships. I’ve tended to mostly resist getting involved in serious relationships throughout my life for reasons i’m only just starting to realise. (See my recent My Journey posts for the answers)

I’ve also shunned many activities that involve others because i’ve always felt more comfortable and happier alone in my own surroundings. After all, i’ve travelled across the world and back 3 times on my own, so i think i’ve proved my point that i’m not one for relying on others for me to do something.

The bottom line is that i’m always on a quest to learn, but ultimately something really clicked inside me in the summer of 2013 where i just thought to myself, “i want more than this, i’m not living my true authentic life. I want to be the best i can absolutely be!” And so was born in my mind!

September 2013 was a real turning point in my life. After spending 20 years or more dabbling and being interested in personal development and psychology i decided to throw myself right into it virtually full time.

Every night for hours at a time i watched online seminars, dvds, Youtube videos, read numerous books and listened to endless audios all in the field of personal development and all of it’s guises. This process went on month after month including over Xmas and New Year of 2013/14.

I completely shunned my social activities on the weekends and never saw friends for nights out during this whole period of time. Women weren’t an option. I just wasn’t interested one bit and you know what? I LOVED every minute of it!

I also joined a gym again after a period of lack of real exercise, made changes to my diet and got back out there doing Daygame to practice my waning social skills and give myself the best chance of being my authentic self, the REAL ME! Change was my main motivation and change was happening!

So, like i’ve said, my pledge to myself and to anyone who reads this is to become MY AUTHENTIC SELF! To be and live the person i REALLY want to be. To be happy, content and to literally drag myself out of my comfort zone and achieve all of my future goals i’ve set for myself with NO EXCUSES!

This website is very therapeutic for me, because i want everything out there and want the credibility of everything being out there. I want myself and anybody else reading it to know there’s nothing missed out.

This is purely to be used as a way for me to see how my journey evolves over the coming months and years and a way for me to give some of my 20+ years of knowledge to anyone who reads it. It’s also my way of keeping myself accountable to the journey i’m on and regardless of whether anyone visits this site or not, it’s something i feel i need to do for myself.

I always wrote a diary in the past whenever i did a big travel trip anywhere and when i was an amateur and professional snooker player, but i tended to lose track of the days and not commit to writing on a daily basis. I love writing, always have, so i thought in this age of the internet it is a perfect opportunity for me to really express myself and just write what comes to mind whenever i feel like it. Anything i think of as worthwhile for me to write, no matter how quirky or small, will appear on this site. This IS MY JOURNEY, i hope you enjoy what’s to come. 😉



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