My Simple Life

Ah, how i’ve always wanted to live a clutter free SIMPLE LIFE where my ultimate goal is to have as few possessions as possible. My laptop, clothes, bank card, passport and maybe mobile phone are all i want and need!

Well, thankfully, that is now rapidly becoming a reality. Below is a list of everything i have gotten rid of in the last 2 years or so since i started on my life long quest of A SIMPLE LIFE, with more to be added as i go!

99% Of Childhood Toys/Games/Books – Ebay/Dumped
Huge Star Wars Collection – Ebay
Massive Subbuteo Collection (My Pride And Joy) – Ebay
Approximately 500 DVD’s And CD’s (98% Of My Entire Collection) – Ebay/2nd Hand Shops/Charity/Get Cash Websites
Selection Of Clothes/Footwear – Charity/Dumped
My House (20 Years Of My Life) 🙁
Furniture (Cooker/Tables/Cabinet/3 Seater Settee/2 Seater Settee/Odds And Ends) – Dumped
Electrical (DVD Players/Satellite Receivers/6 Speaker Surround Sound System/42 Inch HD TV/50 Inch HD TV) – Ebay/Sold/Dumped
Computers/Various (Desktop PC/Laptop PC/Variety Of Small Items) – Sold/Dumped
Exercise Equipment (Weights Machines/Odds And Ends) – Dumped
Got Rid Of Or Lost Out On Numerous Pretty/Sexy Girls – Never Approached/Dates/Girlfriends/Didn’t Pull The Trigger/Nights Of Passion/Smokers/One Night Stands/Flakes) 🙁