Natural Beauty

These Women Are The Finest Examples Of Class, Style And Beauty In The 20th And 21st Century!

Now i know beauty is only skin deep, but if anyone reading this looks like any of these women and has the character and personality traits i’ve mentioned in Daygame Monthly, contact me IMMEDIATELY! 😉


 20th Century Icons

(Click on any image for a closer look)

Audrey Hepburn – Natural beauty at it’s finest. Oh yeah!

Audrey-hepburn Audrey-Hepburn-Breakfast-at-Tiffanys

Jane Fonda – She was Barbarella, say no more! 🙂

jane-fonda-c-1960s janefondaagain

Bridget Bardot – The 60’s beauty icon of all icons. Magnificent!

Brigitte-Bardot long hair 500 brigitte bardot long hair 5

Raquel Welch – It rarely gets much better. 🙂

Raquel Welch 1966.4253.Photo by Glauco Cortini-IPOL-Globe Photos, inc. 600full-raquel-welch

Grace Kelly – Princess of Monaco and truly stunning 🙂

Grace_Kelly Grace Kelly

21st Century Classics

Shania Twain – As close to perfection as any woman can possibly be. 😉

Shania Twain Shania Twain 2

Michelle Borth – I recently discovered this beauty on a tv show. She’s got THE LOOK! Purrr!

Michelle Borth 4

Kate Beckinsale – Got to have an English girl. Stunning! 😉

Kate Beckinsale 9

 Margot Robbie – Quite possibly the most stunning blonde i’ve ever seen and i don’t do blonde!

Margot Robbie 8

Indian Women – 2 examples of the most beautiful women on earth! Dynamite! 🙂

Indian Women ldutta

Japanese Women – That Oriental look is just WOW! 😉

22 14

Korean Women – Beauty personified! Gorgeous! Meeow!

  21  Korean women

Did you notice the recurring theme of dark hair and dark eyes? I just can’t help myself, this IS the look that turns me on like no other.

Apart from Margot Robbie, who is an exceptional blonde… and those glasses (i can’t breathe) 😉 the rest are all brunettes. I can’t even comprehend how much more stunning they would all look if they also wore glasses, (I can’t help it, it’s an addiction).

Oh, go on them, here’s 4 random, bespectacled natural beauties purely for my own selfish pleasure. This look is like catnip to my mind, body and groin! (cough) 😉

Femininity just doesn’t get any better than this!

P.S… I’ve even added more blondes for the hell of it! 😉

Beautiful business woman wearing glasses glasses3
glasses4 4

What’s the time? It’s VERY COLD shower time! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! 🙂