Nightgame Monthly – May 2015 Pt2

Part 2…

“You are just such a good guy Brian, i said to myself.” 🙂

I decided to stay home on Saturday night for a night of boxing and sport on tv before venturing out into my home town centre on the Bank Holiday Sunday night.

I got myself into my best ahem, Shields hunk condition, give my favourite suit a good shake to rid itself of the nesting moths that had taken hold since the last time it saw the dark of night and headed down to the seafront bars to meet up with a few friends.

Living just a 5 minute walk into town and 4 minutes to the beach, the choice of nightlife is now greater than ever before. I reached the first bar where my friends were and the place was packed like sardines in a tin. Unfortunately the live music i was expecting didn’t materialise so instead we had to make do with dj tunes that were certainly not as welcoming.

We stayed for an hour or so then headed into town where the raucous music was ringing in my ears even before we approached the first bar. Again, the crush was evident and the crowd was boisterous but i took a deep breath and made my way in. We finally got served at the bar and found a tiny spot where we could stand together without the immense rush of the crowds pouring through the double doors.

Dance music was shaking the speakers and the crowd was going crazy. Young pretty boys wearing their best pulling clothes and ridiculous tattoos, on the prowl in groups like a pack of delinquent wild dogs waiting for the first drunken naive girl to break free from her group so they could land their prey.

The girls dressed like teenage wannabe wags looking for a million pound footballer to rid them of their mundane lives and sweep them off their feet whilst having to make do with silly little boys no older or richer than an infant in poverty. Welcome to EVERY town centre and every major city on earth folks. Welcome to night life in 2015. 😉

The night marched on past midnight and the crowds got bigger and bigger. We moved to another bar across the road that seemed a little less busy but was still jumping to a different dj’s beat.

I noticed a very attractive young lady across the dancefloor standing on the balcony with the usual look of dark hair and dark eyes that i almost always go for. She looked over and i smiled, she seemed shy and gave a half smile and blushed before looking down. A classic sign of attraction. 🙂

I was again shaking my moves at the side of the dancefloor and constantly noticed her looking in my direction but as i am absolutely useless at picking up girls in bars, i ultimately didn’t make my move and she left.

I’m the first to admit that i’m hopeless with girls in loud environments as it’s just not my scene. I struggle to have conversations due to the pounding music and can’t be bothered trying to interact with females who should’ve stopped drinking after the first 5 beverages. I’ve also found that my daytime humour doesn’t work in clubs and bars and i’m not interested in alcoholic chit chat so to me, i tend to leave it well alone.

Anyway, the night reached 1.30am and it was time to hit the club. We walked towards our destination when my friend suggested we try this other new club for a change to see what it offered.

Up the stairs we went to face the crowd at the bar. It was a small place with a medium sized bar and white leather settees opposite. The place was quite busy and looked packed even though there was probably less than one hundred people in the building.

The crowd was young, probably teens and early twenties all dressed to kill, in their own minds anyway. We sat down on one of the soft plush settees and observed the action. I spotted a lovely girl who i met in a shop in the city a couple of years ago but she was deep in conversation with some young lad who she obviously knew so i left her alone.

We stayed for an hour or so then headed to our original night club destination which was two doors down. This place is always packed on a weekend but a Bank Holiday, it gets ridiculous. Sure enough, it didn’t disappoint, the floor was rocking to the beat of the 80’s. We headed upstairs where the thumping dance music is blasted out for the whole town to hear and a place where those not suited to 80’s tunes tend to reside.

As the early morning started to draw in and the clock ticked round to 3.15am, i noticed the same girl who i saw in the previous club walking across the balcony floor. She had the same young man in tow walking behind her like an Andrex puppy with his tongue virtually hanging out at the sight of such a beautiful young girl.

They stopped next to a wall and i glanced over, she seemed tipsy but i observed for a moment before walking and standing directly in front of her. I looked into her eyes and gave a seductive smile, she looked back at me but for a few seconds, i didn’t register on her radar. Maybe she was more tipsy than i thought.

I stood my ground and kept looking straight into her pupils when eventually, the bulb in her head lit up and she widened her eyes and opened her mouth wide as if in shock then gave me the most amazingly cute smile. The penny had dropped!

I put out my arms to instigate one of my special hugs and she couldn’t grab hold quick enough. She grabbed me round the waist and planted her head into my chest. I whispered in her ear “How are you, it’s been a long time? You look lovely tonight!”

I broke the hug and she leaned back with a beaming smile from ear to ear replying “Thank you, i’m good, how are you?”

As i was chatting to her, i noticed her Andrex puppy behind her looking at me with a look of utter despair and disappointment. It was at this point that a twinge of guilt started to set in my mind. I was on the verge of asking her out but the good guy part of my brain just couldn’t do it after seeing his sad, pitiful face looking at me like i had just stolen his favourite, juiciest bone.

I said my goodbyes and headed back to the dance floor. She stood there looking at me before walking down the stairs to join in with the 80’s theme that was still booming through the huge speakers.

I stood on the balcony high above them and watched as he tried with all of his might to get that one elusive kiss from her. They were dancing, laughing, hugging and twirling but no matter how hard he tried or how many times he moved in, she wasn’t giving him the locked lips kiss he was aching for.

I smiled to myself and moved away before noticing them walking out of the exit for the short taxi ride home. I’ve no idea what has happened since that night between them but if what i saw was anything to go by, he was definitely going home ALONE!

“You are just such a good guy Brian, i said to myself.” 🙂

Till next time…