Social Media Shaming

facebook shamingEverything that’s wrong with the world is included in this article. Well, maybe not EVERYTHING but you get my point.

I remember the good ole days, long before the nonsense of social media and political correctness tripe. Long before the days where every man near a child is automatically a paedophile and long before the days of paranoia and masculine women who behave like the worst kind of men.

Ah yes, the good ole days! How i long for those days again. Siiiiigh!

I just hope the guy in this article takes this woman to every court in the land and she get’s her comeuppance. It’s reactionary women like this who make every decent, child loving man afraid to leave the house with his own children.

Let’s get some sanity back in the world because 99.9% of all men are not paedophiles and never will be, yet we are all being tarred with the same brush.

Don’t let the media brainwash you with even more fear than they already do and fight back against idiots like this woman and we may just get back to some gender harmony.

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