Hi there and welcome to my video travel blog!

So, let me start by briefly telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Brian James Letch (formerly Casson) and i’m still within the age range of being upwardly mobile, although a few bones are starting to creek.

I’m an internet entrepreneur who likes to take risks, whether with money or with life and as you can see from the picture, i’m a very well dressed young man and rather attractive, if i do say so myself. : )

My absolute passion in life is travel, ANYWHERE at ANYTIME! Just give me a travel ticket and i’m gone. I’ve currently visited a few dozen countries and major cities around the world but haven’t yet scratched the surface of all the places i want to go too.

My favourite places i have been too so far are Australia (which i love), the music, sport, weather, beaches and of course… the ladies! : )

I also have a soft spot for New Zealand, especially the scenery and laid back lifestyle, don’t know if i could live there though, it’s maybe a little too laid back for an active chap like me!

I really believe that my next few trips over the next 5 years or so will completely change my outlook on life. Places like Japan, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Canada and South America are all in the pipeline, so it’s just a case of watch this space.

My ultimate aim is to visit as many cultural places as possible around this planet of ours and just see where the road takes me.

So it’s onwards and upwards in life and till next time, happy travelling!!

NOTE: I also did a 3 week trip around 8 or so countries in Europe when i was 15 years old but i have not included that within this site because the photos are not of video quality standard. All the travel videos on are from 1999 onwards.

P.S… Everything on this site was filmed, designed and created by me and will continue to be updated over the coming months and years, so keep checking back and we can maybe meet up sometime in a land far far away!

Also, the music being played in all of the videos throughout this site are by some of my absolute favourite artists from around the world. I have a huge passion for this music so incorporating songs from my favourite performers into my travel videos, give them that something extra.

This page was created as a place for me to put as many of my travel experiences as possible all together in one place. I would also like to share my experiences with other like minded people out there who have a passion for travel and music.

Please have a good look around this site and let me know your thoughts using the contact button at the top right of the page.

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Enjoy your visit!

Australia, New Zealand And South Korea – 2011

New Zealand – March/April 2008

Bangkok, Thailand And Sydney, Australia – March 2008

Madeira In The Winter Of 2007


Madeira Part 2 – The Unexciting Extra’s

Malta In The Winter Of 2003

Sydney, Australia – 2002

Dubai And Singapore – Sept 2002

Holland, Belgium And France – 1999